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Ken Stoepel Ford is your local one stop shop for all your Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury transmission repair needs. Ken Stoepel Ford has a Ford Certified Master Transmission Technician, Earnest Terrazas with over 27 years transmission experience.

Your vehicle's transmission is a complex mechanical/electrical system. It controls the application of power from the engine to the drive wheels. Transmissions experiences more wear and tear over time than most other parts of your vehicle, due to the heat and friction produced by their many moving and interacting components.

Prevention is the cheapest repair cost; this can be done by having regular maintenance preformed on your vehicle.  However, we know that life happens. If you are looking for affordable transmission repair with the best warranty in the industry, then look no further then Ken Stoepel Ford Service Department.

Don't forget, Free Loaner Vehicle with every Transmission Overhaul or Replacement! Must Schedule by January 31st. 

Forget the inconvenience of not having a vehicle available! Don't worry about transportation when shopping Ken Stoepel Ford!


We can help you if you are experiencing any of the following issues with your current vehicle:

·        Lack of Response

·        Whining, Clunking and Humming

·        Leaking/Low Fluid

·        Grinding Noises

·        Shaking

·        Jerking /Shaking

·        Burning Smell

·        Dragging Clutch

·        Refuses to Go into Gear

·        Check Engine or Wrench Light On

·        Transmission Noisy in Neutral

·        Gears Slipping

·        Dragging Clutch

·        OBD2 Trouble Codes

We Offer:

·        Free Transmission Repair Estimates

·        Warranty on Repair Work or Replacement

·        Free Shuttle Service

·        Loaner Rental Vehicles Available (must have a scheduled service appointment)


Ken Stoepel Ford has an award-winning Service Department and a Ford Certified Master Transmission Technician to answer all your questions or concerns about transmission repair or replacement cost with one easy visit.  We can answer all your questions and give you a free reliable estimate on any work needed.


For Example:

1.      What is the danger of driving my truck with a slipping transmission?

2.      What if my vehicle is shaking?

3.      My vehicle has problems shifting gears.

4.      What is automatic transmission electrical faults?

5.      My car is stuck in gear manual, what to do?

6.      Vehicle goes into neutral while driving?

7.      Truck jerks when shifting gears and has an automatic transmission?

8.      Does my transmission fluid need to be replaced? If so, how often?

9.      Are there risks of driving with a bad transmission, can it get worse?

10.   How much will my transmission problems cost me if I wait to have it repaired?

11.   Will my transmission repair be covered by insurance or warranty?

12.   What causes automatic transmission to fail?

13.   Want to do if transmission not shifting out of first gear?

14.   How to tell if my vehicle has overheated transmission damage?

15.   Automatic transmission not shifting into high gear, is this serious?

16.   My Vehicle has problems shifting gears?

17.   Why is my automatic car not changing gear?

18.   What will having my transmission fluid changed cost me?

19.   How cheap is it to repair my transmission problem?

20.   Can you guarantee the work after the repair is complete?

Here's a short list of the Transmission repair work or replacement work we perform:

Transfer Cases

Transmission Band Adjustments

Heavy Duty Transmissions

Transmission Fluid Exchange

Manual Clutch Service & Repair 

Transmission Rebuild, Repair & Service

Manual Transmission Repair


Ken Stoepel Ford offers the convenience of: 


  • Free Diagnostic Testing
  • Free Estimates on Work
  • Free Loaner Vehicle 
  • Free Shuttle Service

We Give you Free Diagnostic Testing

·      We Give you Free Loaner Vehicle*

·      We Give you Free Shuttle Service

·      We Give you Professional Advice

·      We Give you Free Estimates

·      We Give you Peace of Mind

Free Loaner Vehicle with every Transmission Overhaul or Replacement!
 Must Schedule by January 31st. 

Forget the inconvenience of not having a vehicle available! 

Don't worry about transportation when shopping Ken Stoepel Ford!


Worry Free Transmission Diagnoses, Repair, Overhaul and Replacement

·     Vehicle Jerking /Shaking? We can fix that!

·     Check Engine or Wrench Light On? We can fix that!

·     Whining, Clunking and Humming? We can fix that!

·     Refuses to Go into Gear or Grinding Noises? We can fix that!

*Free Loaner vehicle available with new transmission installation or overhaul


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