2018 Ford Fiesta: Cool and Compact

Perfect for around town in the city or packed up for a long trip, the 2018 Ford Fiesta has the range, features, and space to get you there comfortably and economically. Offered in both a sedan and a hatchback, the new Ford Fiesta has the style you need to draw attention.

Whether it is commuting to work, getting a group of friends together for a night out, or transporting a car full of kids to soccer practice, the 2018…

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Why Choose Ken Stoepel Ford For All Your Service Needs?

Here at Ken Stoepel Ford we know that there are thousands of different auto body shops in the Kerrville area for you to choose from. But what makes our service center your number one destination for oil changes, tire rotations, new brakes, and any other service need you may have? We happen to have three good reason why Ken Stoepel Ford is best place to have your Ford F-150, Explorer, or Escape serviced.

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Is Synthetic Oil Better?

Oil is the lubricant that keeps your car’s engine from burning out or wearing out prematurely. Conventional oil is an organic compound that breaks down under heat. Changing the oil and filter is the simplest and easiest maintenance procedure you can perform on your vehicle. If conventional oil is not changed regularly, it degrades to the point that it can no longer protect your engine.

Synthetic oil, on the other hand, is an inorganic…
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