The Ford Focus is a Well Performing Compact Car

You would like to find a car that is going to perform beautifully for you on the road. The Ford Focus is a popular compact car choice and one that is made to perform well. When driving in Kerrville, you want your car to maneuver well.

Whether you are going through parking lots or actually on the road, the Focus will help you with the steering that you need to do thanks to its power assisted steering. 

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The Ford Edge's Auto Start-Stop Technology is a Winner

With awesome choices in engines, a variety of technological specs, visual versatility, and an exciting ST version, it is not a surprise to say that the Ford Edge is one of the most popular mid-size SUVs out right now. One of the technological features that come with the Edge is the vehicle's auto start-stop technology.

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Seating Standouts in the Ford Fiesta ST

The Ford Fiesta ST stands out as a smile-making hatchback for its feisty style and high performance. A racing-inspired high-mounted rear spoiler and assertive grille frames a 197-horsepower 1.6L EcoBoost® motor that achieves up to 33 MPG on the highway or 26 MPG in the city. Exterior highlights include an Orange Spice Metallic color and Rado Grey-painted 17-inch wheels in aluminum.

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What Are the Technological Differences Between the Ford EcoSport Trim Levels?

Ford’s compact SUV, the EcoSport, comes in four trim levels. Technology advances from one trim to the next. Here are the technology improvements that you will find in each trim of the EcoSport.

Though the EcoSport S trim is the base trim level, the vehicle is no lacking in technological devices. The EcoSport S has Auto Start/Stop technology, Advance Trac with roll stability to keep the tires on the road, a rear-view camera...

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Improve Engine Runs with the Ford F-150

When towing is at the top of your pickup truck want list, the Ford F-150 delivers through standard Trailer Sway Control and AdvanceTrac® with Roll Stability Control™. It can also optionally add Pro Trailer Backup Assist™ to synchronize your truck as you back up to the trailer, smart trailer tow connector that tells you of any connectivity issues, and the dynamic hitch assist that helps direct the hitch to the trailer using a line-of-sight guide.

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View the Brand-New Ford Escape at Ken Stoepel Ford

The small to midsize SUV market has many different options. People love to buy SUVs and the market availability of vehicles offered by manufacturers reflects that reality. Ford is one of the prime movers in the SUV market and the Ford Escape line of small-mid SUVs shows their expertise in the area. It is not trying to be something fancy- just a solid, small SUV for moving passengers and cargo.

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Ford Transit Connect: Feedback without Judgment

Most of us would appreciate extra eyes on the road—but without the backseat driver commentary. That’s where the Ford Transit Connect comes in handy.

This vehicle is available with the Forward and Reverse Sensing System. Need help parallel parking? The Ford Transit has you covered. When you’re backing up (or pulling forward) at a slow speed, as soon as you get close to the bumper of the adjacent car, the ultrasonic sensors alert you. 

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Way You Could be Ruining Your Car

Owning a car is a big responsibility. To keep your car working safely and efficiently there are some things you should be doing routinely. Here are few things that could be causing harm to your car:

  • Driving in a severe manner can be damaging to your car. Stop-and-go traffic, hard stops, rough roads, and heavy loads can all decrease gas mileage and cause excessive wear. 
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