Belts and hoses may not be the sexiest items in your car, but they play an important role in its performance. Without your belts and hoses, your high-performing sports car is going to be stuck in the driveway. Maintaining your belts and hoses and checking them at regular intervals is key to a healthy car or truck.

Belts and pulleys operate many parts in your car. Power steering, air conditioning, and air injection pumps are just a few examples. Cracking, splitting, or fluid leaks are just some of the things that can happen to belts and hoses. Checking these items as part of regularly scheduled maintenance is the best way to ensure that a belt doesn't snap or that a lack of fluids doesn't cause a high-cost item to seize.

If it has been a minute since you serviced your belts and hoses, head to Ken Stoepel Ford for an inspection today.

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