Ford Mustangs and Audio Engineering

At Ken Stoepel Ford, we encourage you to consider the range of ways you can connect with a smartly engineered performance car like the popular Ford Mustang. We notice diverse responses when we show people models in different colors at our welcoming Kerrville, TX dealership. You can understand that scenario if you have a favorite color. Automotive sounds elicit responses within us, too. Indeed, Ford employs audio engineers to advise on the notes its available Mustang engines emit.

Think of the Mustang's engine spectrum as a selection of instruments. The EcoBoost emits a powerful sound. It makes you envision a bass drum struck rapidly. Step up to the Mustang GT's engine for the sound of trumpet played masterfully. In the stirring Shelby model, we hear a cello's bellowing storm.

If we run all three Mustang engine types beside each other and rev them, they create a symphony. And they can make you want to drive a Ford Mustang.

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