A vehicle that’s equipped with the right technology can make driving in Kerrville, TX safer and easier, and the Ford Flex features the modern additions that can stand up to the challenge. These technological features also won’t take a lot of guesswork to operate.

When you visit Ken Stoepel Ford to test drive one of these popular three-row midsize SUVs, you can check out a Ford Flex that comes with Active Park Assist. This technologically advanced feature is especially useful for parallel parking and will let you know the distance that your vehicle is from other parked cars. Prompts are given by the system so that you’ll know when to shift, accelerate and brake.

The Adaptive Cruise Control and Forward Collision Warning with Brake Support can offer you additional safety and convenience. With cruise control, you can select the speed that you wish to travel as well as the distance that you want to keep from the vehicle that’s ahead of you. A collision warning can alert you if you’re getting too close to a vehicle and make your braking system more responsive so that you can stop the vehicle quicker.

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