The Ford EcoSport is Equipped with Practical Hardware

If you need practical hardware for common driving situations, the Ford EcoSport won't let you down. As you drive this automobile, you'll find new ways to take advantage of the different cabin features.

The Ford EcoSport has a convenient tool that gives the driver opportunities to view the road more efficiently. Under the driver's seat, there are mechanisms that move the seat in six directions. You can use this hardware to move the seat side to side, up, or down. Near the seat, you'll find a steering wheel and a shift knob wrapped in leather; the leather is practical because it provides a good grip.

In Kerrville, Ken Stoepel Ford is a great place to check out the Ford EcoSport's other standard features, such as the moon roof and key fob tools. If you want a 2.0-liter engine and a sports-tuned suspension system, you'll need to upgrade to the SES trim.

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