Tips for Controlling Pet Hair in Your Vehicle

If you have a dog, then you are sure to understand how easy it is for dog hair to get stuck in the upholstery and carpet of your vehicle, but let us help at Ken Stoepel Ford in Kerrville, TX with these useful tips.

If your canine companion has longer hair that sheds often, then give them a good brushing before you depart. This will help remove any hair that could have ended up in your upholstery. Keeping your dog contained has two benefits: it helps them stay safe, and it keeps the dog hair restricted to one small area of your vehicle.

If you have duct tape or packing tape, then you've got an inexpensive and effective way to remove pet hair. Simply take the tape and roll it around your hand and press on the carpet and upholstery to easily lift pet hair. You can also use rubber gloves and water to help remove dog hair. After you put on your gloves, lightly spray the area with water and follow by rubbing your hand over the damp area.

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