Take a Look at These Ford Taurus Design Features

The all-new Ford Taurus has been getting some extra attention, mostly because it is a popular full-size sedan that has design features that provide drivers additional safety on the road. These are two of those design features.

The new Ford Taurus has a rear spoiler that is more than making the car aerodynamic, it actually helps to improve your ride. Once you get the Taurus up to speed, the spoiler is working to push the car to the road so the driver has more in the way of stability.

Standard on all of the new Ford Taurus cars, the LED tail lamps. These are not your conventional incandescent bulbs, they do so much more. The lights are actually turning on faster to increase other driver reaction time while burning brighter too.

Come by Ken Stoepel Ford and you can take the all-new Ford Taurus out on the road for a test drive today!

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